11+ Summer Schools

11+ summer schools that are tailored to your child's individual needs and goals.

With an 11+ syllabus based on years of experience and student feedback on exams, only we provide interactive and hands-on classes that keep children motivated throughout the summer.

Our Results

2016 was one of our most successful 11+ years yet:

Several students scored full marks in Kent and Newstead Wood papers; our students passed the Olave’s exams; one of our students was in the Top 180 in the Bexley test and almost all of our students scored over 90% in the Kent exam, making them eligible for places at virtually any school of their choice.


Our summer courses combine all of the materials and activities we have used over the years to take our students to 11+ success. Without the right approach and support, many children can tire during the summer and become unmotivated. Our courses use a variety of methods to ensure that students enjoy learning and can recall the information they’ve learnt long after the course has finished.


Topics covered include:

English Comprehension


Cloze Tests

Grammar and Punctuation

Maths (with particular emphasis on problem-solving)

Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Spatial Reasoning


Ishaan joined Kin Learning just before the summer holidays.

Ishaan loves maths and the area he needed help was with comprehension,vocabulary and writing. 

The assessment material provided by Kin Learning was very useful focusing on the kind of words that usually come up in 11+ test. Ishaan made a good improvement overall in English with all the material provided by Kin Learning.

Kamilah and her team also used a few fun activities like card games which Ishaan enjoyed and made it easy for him to learn new words.

Ishaan has passed all his 11+ tests and has also been offered a place at Trinity School with Academic scholarship.

Many thanks to Kamilah and her team.

Suitable for:

Year 5 students sitting the St. Olave’s, Kent, Bexley and Newstead exams.

Year 4s that will be sitting the 11+ in 2018. 

Course Structure

Children will receive a personalised schedule of different classes for each day of the course. Their schedule will be decided based on the schools they are applying for and their individual strengths and weaknesses.


Each day will run from 9.30am to 1pm with a 30-minute mid-morning break.


Students will be able to take home course materials and will be provided with additional work that they can complete at home.



All course fees include FREE Kin Learning materials worth £40.



There are still limited places available at our August mock tests. Click here for details.


2 Day Courses

One week - £165     FULLY BOOKED

Two weeks - £310    FULLY BOOKED

Three weeks - £450      FULLY BOOKED


4 Day Courses

One week - £295     FULLY BOOKED

Two weeks - £560    FULLY BOOKED

Three weeks - £825    FULLY BOOKED



Monday 24th July to Thursday 27th July   FULLY BOOKED

Monday 7th August to Thursday 10th August   FULLY BOOKED

Monday 21st August to Tuesday 22nd August


Bromley High School, Blackbrook Lane, Bickley, BR1 2TW

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