11+ Mock Test: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do an 11+ mock test at all?

There are usually three primary reasons for doing a mock test:

1. To check your child’s understanding of the topics they already know.

Many children can panic when presented with a question style they’ve never seen before, regardless of whether or not they have the knowledge to complete it. A mock exam will tell you how your child is able to apply their existing knowledge in new ways.

2. To help children to overcome pre-exam nerves and reduce anxiety on the day of the real thing.

We often find that children and their parents can be surprised by the level of anxiety they feel about the exam (even though they know it's only a mock). However, our customers report that, by introducing children to an exam environment early, they are significantly more relaxed on the day of the exam and are able to perform better.

3. To find out what your child still needs to learn.

If you are unsure of the topics your child still needs to cover, our post-exam feedback will be extremely helpful. We are unique in reviewing your child’s working as well as their final exam. This means that we can give you even better feedback on your child's 11+ potential.

What makes a Kin Learning mock test different to other providers' tests?

At Kin Learning, we are able to become experts on the local grammar school exams by drawing on all of our wealth of 11+ research and using by using feedback from past students. Each year, we speak to students immediately after their exams to find out which topics were tested and we use this knowledge to develop our mock tests.

Many mock test providers do not have a tutoring division to inform them, and they also write mock tests to be used up and down the country. Due to the general nature of these papers, they may differ significantly from the papers your child will actually sit. However, our papers are written for each individual school so that they can be as close to the real thing as possible.

Why do I have to book my child’s test by school rather than by subject?

Although the local schools have papers on the broadly same subjects - maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning - the styles of these papers differ greatly. For this reason, our mock tests are written specifically for each school, rather than by subject.

If you are unsure which school to book for, we advise you to prioritise either the school that would be your first choice or to call one of our team who will be able to advise you.

How do you make sure your papers are similar to the real exams?

Our papers are written using a combination of the practice papers from schools and anecdotal evidence from our past pupils. Each year, our tutors speak to students that have recently sat the exam and find out as much as we can about the content of the exam and the questions they found difficult. We then incorporate this feedback into our papers so that they are as realistic as possible.

Will your papers be suitable for the CEM and GL exams?

Yes, our papers are designed to closely match the exam board that writes the paper for each school. Therefore, our tests will replicate the Bexley CEM exam and the Newstead and Kent exams written by GL.

The St. Olave’s exam is written by the school themselves and our exams therefore replicate Olave's own style. As St. Olave's are holding their own Stage 1 mock exams this year, our papers will replicate the Stage 2 exam. We advise all potential St. Olave's candidates to prepare for both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 exams throughout Years 4 and 5 as there is very little time between the two exams.

Will your papers be exactly the same as the CEM and GL papers I buy in shops?

The school papers written by CEM and GL differ slightly from the papers available in shops. For this reason, we design our papers to be closer to the exam format than the commercial format.

Will you give feedback on exam technique?

Yes. Our exam invigilators and markers will pass on useful information on your child’s exam technique.

Learn More About Mock Tests

Kin Learning provide 11+ mock tests throughout the academic year. To help with your child's 11+ preparation, you may also be interested in our weekly classes and 11+ summer schools for Years 4 and 5.