St. Olave’s 11+ Mock Test Comparison

In 2016, the St. Olave's Parents' Association began providing 11+ mock tests in the same style as the Olave's Stage 1 entrance exam. As well as attending our mock tests, some of our students have attended the Olave's School mock test as well as Mock Test Masters mock tests, which has allowed us to become familiar with the feedback reports provided.

Our comparison table below takes you through the features of the different exams.

 Kin Learning Mock TestSt. Olave’s Parents’ Association MockMock Test Masters
Written specifically for the St. Olave’s Stage 1 Exam✔︎✔︎
Written specifically for the St. Olave’s Stage 2 Exam✔︎
Includes questions that have come up in the real exam in previous years✔︎
Creative writing included✔︎Included at additional cost
Child’s score compared to mock test scores of boys that passed the real exam✔︎
Score compared to hundreds of 2018 students✔︎✔︎
Information on individual questions provided✔︎✔︎
Feedback on student’s exam technique and personalised tips on how to improve✔︎

Whereas most mock tests are designed to give you an idea of whether your child will pass, our mock test reports are written to maximise your child's chances of passing. As 11+ tutors, we know just how much of an improvement a child can make when working under the proper guidance. With a personalised Kin mock test report, you'll have the key to helping your child to reach their goal. 

Book an Olave's Mock Test

Kin Learning provide 11+ mock tests for St. Olave's, Newstead Wood, Bexley and Kent throughout the academic year. We are unique in providing mock tests that are written for each of the local schools, rather than providing standardised papers. 

To aid your child's 11+ preparation, you may also be interested in our 11+ summer courses for Years 4 and 5.