Cheap, Easy and Educational: Easter Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

Cheap, Easy and Educational: Easter Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

During the Easter holidays, it's essential that children have fun, relax and enjoy spending time with their family where possible, but there's no need for their education to completely fall by the wayside. Make learning a treat and not a chore with educational activities that won't break the budget this Easter.



Baking a cake is the perfect way to teach your child about units of measure - they'll cover millilitres, grams, kilograms and even Fahrenheit in a practical setting. If your child is preparing for their SATs or the 11+, this activity can serve as revision without them even noticing.


If you want to take your baking a step further, try piping icing. Lakeland and similar cake shops have piping bags and nozzles for a couple of pounds. Your kids will love experimenting with different nozzles and sprinkles. 


Hint: for a simple buttercream recipe, mix icing sugar and butter in a ratio of 2:1. You'll need approximately 4 oz. of butter for every dozen cupcakes.


Is it healthy? No. But it is fun.


This activity is good for:

Numeracy - units of measure;

Numeracy - ratio;

Literacy - following instructions and the vocabulary of instructions (e.g. stir, beat, separate);

Fine and gross motor skills.


Create an Easter Egg Hunt

Asking your children to create an Easter Egg Hunt will give them the opportunity to practise their creative writing and develop logical thinking skills. If your children are reluctant to miss out on the joy of the hunt, two family members can design two different trails and swap at the end. 


In addition to building academic skills, teaching your child to make an effort to create a fun experience for someone else is always a valuable lesson.


This activity is good for:

Social skills;

Descriptive writing;

Writing instructions;

Handwriting practice;

Logical thinking.


Make Crayon Candles

Trunkaroo have an inventive way of using old crayons - make candles! Full instructions are over on their blog, but you'll need wicks. These can be ordered cheaply on eBay if your local craft shop doesn't stock them.

How to make crayon candles

This activity is good for:

Fine motor skills;

Learning about recycling;

Vocabulary - discuss the different parts of the candle and the states of matter (e.g. liquid, solid, solidify);

Following instructions.


Writing Postcards

Even if you're not going abroad this Easter, you can still pick up postcards on your days out. Encourage your child to send a postcard to friends and family near or far; it doesn't matter where they live - everyone loves receiving post!


Many children struggle to write their entire home address in order. This is a good time for your child to learn their own address and to practise writing addresses using the correct format. 


This activity is good for:

Social skills;



Literacy - writing a letter;

Geography - learning about landmarks, cities and countries.


What kind of activities do your children do during the Easter holidays? Let us know and the best activities will be added to our lists.