When and How to Apply for the 11+ Exams

Applications for grammar schools are accepted throughout the summer term of Year 5 with most applications closing at the beginning of July. 

If your child is sitting more than one 11+ exam, you will need to apply for each exam separately.

Details on how to apply to each school are listed below:


Newstead Wood Applications

Dates: 5th June to 7th July 2017


Details: Applications must either be submitted in person to Newstead Wood School or delivered by Guaranteed Delivery Service. 


Test Date: 29th September 2017. 


Application Form: http://www.newsteadwood.bromley.sch.uk/docs/Admissions/Application_Form_2018__SIF_.pdf

St. Olave's Applications

Dates: TBC. Historically, applications have been open from 6th June to 1st July. 


Details: Applications can be made online through the St. Olave's Online Supplementary Information Form (SIF). You will need a recent, passport-sized photo of your child to upload upon submission.


Test Dates: 22nd September 2017 (Stage 1) and 10th November 2017 (Stage 2). 


Application Form: http://www.saintolaves.net/applicationprocedureyear7

Bexley Grammar School Applications

Dates: 2nd May to 9th July 2017. 


Details: Applications can be made online between the dates above. 


Test Dates: 12th September (Bexley primary school students) or 13th September (all others). 


Application Form: https://www.bexley.gov.uk/services/children-families-and-education/education-and-early-years-care/school-admissions/selection-tests

Kent Grammar School Applications

Dates: TBC. Historically, applications have closed on 1st July for online applications and on 13th July for postal applications. For more information, check the Kent County Council website "after May". 


Details: Applications can be made online or by post. 


Test Dates: 7th September (Kent primary school students. This does not include Bromley students) or 9th September (all others). 


Application Form: http://www.kent.gov.uk/education-and-children/schools/school-places/kent-test#tab-2