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Teaching According to Ability Rather Than Age

We carefully curate our small groups on the basis of ability, rather than age, in order to ensure that your child is grouped with other children that will challenge them and inspire them to be the very best they can be.

Many of our students are used to being at the top of their class, however, they love the stimulation of being tutored with other children that intellectually challenge them. As a result, sitting in one of our higher ability classes can be like watching a ping-pong match: children compete back and forth to be the fastest and the brightest. In this environment, not only do they learn, but they thoroughly enjoy themselves in the process.

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Develop a Broader Set of Skills

In order to go as far as possible in life, intelligence should always be supported by a range of other skills, such as communication and social skills. We also believe in actively reinforcing simple values like being plain old polite and friendly!

Throughout your child’s lessons, our tutors will constantly ensure that competition is kept at a friendly level so that students’ confidence is maintained. In addition, we know that many bright students have a tendency to be hard on themselves and so this is closely monitored and managed.

All of this is crucial preparation for later life as it teaches children how to conduct themselves with confidence and to express themselves clearly, whilst also learning the humility and people skills that are required in order to flourish socially.

In addition to building social skills, our higher ability classes will introduce children to unusual exercises and problem-solving questions that give them the skills to tackle new subjects and challenges in everyday life.

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Push Beyond the National Curriculum

Whilst our class curriculum is designed to help children to excel in school exams, the content we teach often goes far beyond National Curriculum requirements. Everything we do is decided on the basis of what our students are capable of, not what the National Curriculum dictates.

Once children have mastered their current school requirements, we push them to their full potential and introduce them to high level content. As part of this process, we begin to focus on the detail, consistently encouraging students to reach a higher standard with the individual attention they may not be able to receive at school.

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