Kin Learning is a company that eats, sleeps and breathes education.
We love learning and we want your child to love it too.

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We believe in creating a tutoring environment that allows each and every child to work to their individual strengths; giving every student the very best chance to reach their full potential.

We love working with academic types just as much as the children that struggle and because of this, we are proudly not in the business of forcing round pegs into square holes. We are in the business of helping children to flourish, no matter which hole they fit in. Ultimately, our aim is to support you in developing the happy, well-rounded people you are trying to raise.

At Kin, we've used over 25 years of combined experience to develop a tuition system that not only provides proven results, but is also designed to be the most cost-effective and least stressful way of getting the results you want.

Year after year, our methods ensure that our students gain coveted places at some of the best schools in the country
(Newstead Wood, St. Olave's, Tonbridge Grammar and more). Not only this, but along the way, students learn the vital skills that they need to succeed in life; they're taught grit, problem-solving ability, and even wit.

Is your child a keen academic or a reluctant learner? Either way, call us. We love a challenge.

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