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Content Tailored to Individual Exams


Many students come to us to prepare for both the Year 2 and the Year 6 SATs. Tutoring for the Year 6 SATs is the perfect way of consolidating a child’s knowledge from primary school and preparing them to get off to a winning start at secondary school.

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All of our SATs pupils in recent years have performed significantly above the national average (achieving Level 5s and 6s) as well as regularly being the top scorers at their respective schools.

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Secondary School and GCSE Maths

Our tutors are prepared to teach students in line with both the new and the old National Curriculum. Our systematic approach is personalised to each student’s level of ability, helping us to ensure your child gets the marks they deserve.

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Although visual aids are often associated with teaching younger children, our older students have benefitted greatly from the unusual approach we take to GCSE teaching. Often, topics that have been misunderstood can be cleared up in just one session with our innovative approach.

Both our short and long-term courses have been proven to raise students’ achievement by up to two whole grades. We’re also proud to say that our students’ school teachers even notice the difference too.

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Supporting Home Learning

Passing any exam requires consistent learning throughout the week to support the great teaching that happens in our sessions. In order make this learning as easy as possible, we provide a wide range of home support to both students and their parents including: creating study schedules, providing app recommendations, teaching revision techniques and always giving personalised homework.

We know that some parents are happy to work with their children at home whilst some parents prefer not to. For this reason, our team are happy to work alongside parents to establish the level of work you wish to do at home so that we can tailor lessons accordingly. This way, we can make the most of your child’s lesson and the money that you spend.

Throughout the exam preparation process, we will also make sure to provide you with consistent feedback so that you can manage your expectations and your child’s. By setting realistic targets for all of our students, we can make sure that they are focusing on the right material for the right exam.

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Mixing Group and 1-to-1 Tuition

We believe that a combination of groups and 1-to-1 lessons are the best way to prepare for an exam. This is why we supplement our group sessions with 1-to-1 classes when necessary.

The majority of our teaching is done in groups as this environment encourages our students to push themselves. Talented children have the potential to become complacent at school as they are often at the top of their class. Working with other highly intelligent children from across the borough means they gain a full understanding of the level they need to work at. We find this environment is particularly powerful for boys as it brings out their competitive nature and inspires them to knuckle down.

For many students, not only does the group work boost their morale (which is crucial in the run-up to the exam), but it also gives them the opportunity to learn new techniques from other students.

However, there are occasions when children require 1-to-1 teaching in order to tackle particular topics in more depth and answer specific questions. To accommodate this, we provide 1-to-1 sessions as part of our GCSE package.

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