Help for Children that are Struggling

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Starting at the child's level

Many children begin to struggle at school because they were unable to understand some crucial knowledge in their early school years and this has had a knock-on effect throughout their schooling. This leaves children with larger gaps in their understanding that are extremely difficult to fill without individual attention. This is where we step in.

By giving all of our new students an in-depth assessment before their first lesson, we are able to create a personalised development plan for each child that includes covering these basic topics  first. Our curriculum is fluid so that all students start at the exact level they require, no matter how high or low this is. Once your child has built their confidence and skill with lower level content, we can then begin to bring them up to the level required at school.

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Use a group to boost confidence

Kin pupils work in groups are no larger than 4. These groups are carefully put together based on children’s individual abilities and personalities. Therefore, children that are struggling find comfort in being in a group of other children just like them - they realise they’re not the only one that has some difficulty at school.

We understand that parents of children that are struggling can often be concerned that a group lesson is not what they need. However, this often couldn’t be further from the truth.

By working in such small groups, we are also able to give each child as much individual attention as they need, whilst also giving them the space to learn to work on their own and to tackle problems themselves.

In addition, by becoming accustomed to working in small groups, our students also become confident in speaking up and asking questions publicly. This is fantastic training for the school environment as they take their newfound confidence into school with them and are able to ask questions there too.

Finally, our groups boost confidence through careful planning of each lesson’s content. Each session, the content is deliberately rotated to give each individual an opportunity to shine. For children that are used to feeling embarrassed in class, it is a brilliant confidence-booster to finally be able to give an answer in a group of children and know that they were first and they were right.

By building skills in this sort of supportive environment, we are proud to have helped many, many children to change their attitude towards learning from loathing to an attitude of enthusiasm.

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Tuition for children with special needs

The Kin learning system is designed to be adaptable for every child, including those with special educational needs. The Kin Team have a broad range of experience working with children with a variety of special needs (including dyslexia, ADD and autism).

Where appropriate, students requiring additional help will be given an extra member of staff to provide additional support (such as reading out questions). However, just like the rest of our students, we ensure that children with special educational needs receive work that is tailored to their skill set but is also challenging for them.

With sensitive support and integration with the rest of our students, we often see our SEN students excel just as much as their peers. This includes achieving places at the top grammar schools in the area. However, for children that are not particularly academic, we focus on ensuring they have mastered the basic numeracy and literacy skills that they will need in life. Thus giving these students the tools to excel in whichever field they eventually choose.

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