Boosting Confidence

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Tailored Content

For many children, a drop in confidence occurs as they feel they are falling behind in class. By creating a personalised learning programme for each student, we are able to ensure that the areas children feel least confident in can be targeted first. By doing this, we are able not only to boost children’s confidence from their very first lesson, but to give them a passion for learning that may have been lost in the past.

As well as providing personalised content, our groups provide each of our students with the opportunity to study a topic for as long as they need to in order to build up their confidence.

Once children are working consistently at the appropriate level for their year, we will begin to stretch our more capable students. As a result, when these topics do come up at school, our students are brimming with confidence and can tackle these subjects easily.

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Helping Children to Manage a School Environment

Parents of children with low confidence can often be concerned that a group lesson is not what they need. However, this usually couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst quieter children can get lost in large groups, Kin groups are kept to a maximum of 4 students, giving every child the opportunity to receive individual attention in every lesson.

However, whilst children receive individual attention, our classes also give them the opportunity to become accustomed to speaking up in a group setting and asking questions. This is fantastic training for the school environment and, once children have become comfortable with speaking up in our sessions, they will be able to take this newfound confidence into school and flourish there too.

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Managing Stress

For many children, school testing can be a very stressful experience. This stress can lead them to significantly underperform. Our regular testing therefore gives students the opportunity to become accustomed to this environment and to perform even better at school. During lessons, children will also be taught exam technique that will help them to approach questions calmly and systematically.

In addition to this, our tutors will work closely with students and parents to help them to manage their stress at home, in lessons and at school. Homework is discussed closely with children and parents to ensure that students are challenged, but do not become overwhelmed.

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