11 Plus Mock Tests

Check your child’s Eleven Plus progress with a Kin Learning mock test.

Learn what your child needs to do to maximise their chances of 11+ success.

Our mocks cover: Newstead Wood, St. Olave’s, Bexley, Kent and Private Schools.

11+ Mock tests

Everything an 11+ Mock Test Should Be

When it comes to the 11+, there’s no such thing as “general verbal reasoning paper” or even a “general, GL verbal reasoning paper”. Every grammar school has their own style of paper for each of the 11+ subjects.

If each grammar school has a test that is specific to that school, shouldn’t a mock be specific too? 

We think so. 

Unlike other mock test providers, we write several different papers for each of the local exams – Bexley, Kent, St. Olave’s and Newstead – meaning that your child sits a test that contains the same question types and timings as the real exams.


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10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (Bexley, Kent, Newstead) or
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (St. Olave’s only)


£65 for Newstead Wood, Bexley or Kent mock exams
£75 for St. Olave’s and Private School mock exams (including full creative writing assessment and feedback)


Bishop Justus School, Magpie Hall Lane, Bromley, BR2 8HZ.

[My daughter said] the real Bexley test was far closer to your mock than those of the other providers we used. Thank you for all the work that must go into making your test reflect what the CEM does.
2019 Parent

Detailed, Personalised Results Analysis

Was it just timing that was an issue for your child? Or was their accuracy a problem too?

Did your child make silly mistakes in their maths working or did they not know where to begin?

Will working on a particular question type make a big difference to your child’s score?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered in your child’s report. We are the only mock test provider to analyse your child’s working and to provide you with notes on where they went wrong.

In addition, you’ll receive a personalised, colour-coded report that will allow you to see at a glance which areas your child needs to work on. We’ll even include tips on how to improve on these areas at home.

My daughter enjoyed the mock test and found the experience very useful preparation for the real exam. The report was excellent and very detailed, in particular it was extremely useful in pinpointing areas of weakness enabling us to work on those rather than wasting time on skills that were already secure. I will definitely get my younger child to do the mock tests in due course.
2016 Parent

The Option to Sit Multiple Tests

With multiple tests for each school, you’ll have the option to track your child’s improvement by sitting multiple tests for the same school. To make life easier for you, we’ll also compare your child’s results in each subject side-by-side so you can check that they’re improving in the way you expected.

Of course, you can also choose to sit tests for different schools. This is a particularly good option for students sitting the Bexley/Kent tests as well as the Newstead/St. Olave’s tests.

Due to the differences between the exams, it’s very possible for a child to pass one exam without passing another, even if the subjects tested are the same. Sitting more than one mock helps to ensure that your child is prepared for all of the tests they’re sitting, not just one.

Everyone needs to know that this is where you should go if you want a tough mock exam. My daughter said other mocks were easy and it made her complacent. This exam was hard so we found out exactly what my daughter needed to work on. This way, when she does the real Newstead exam, she’ll be relaxed because she’ll be well-prepared. Thank you so much for your help!
2017 Parent

Understand Your Child's Chances of Success with Forecasted Scores

It can be hard to know how your child will improve their score in between sitting a mock test and taking the real exam. Our forecasted scores use historical data to solve that problem.

These forecasted scores have proved to be eerily accurate in predicting children’s marks so you’ll know you can rely on them to guide your child’s studies. 

My son passed the Bexley and Kent 11 Plus exams with flying colours. Your prediction of the expected grades was spot on.
2019 Parent
Wanted to let you know that your predicted outcome for K. for the St Olave’s exams was correct; he did in fact pass both stages as predicted! Thank you for providing the mock exam and your invaluable feedback which we found very constructive. Much appreciated
2022 Parent
Even though she scored average at that time I knew from [Kin] exactly the areas I needed to concentrate on whereas the other provider wasn't very clear.... It was because of the feedback I got that we concentrated on areas that my daughter needed to get better at and she got a great result in the actual exam.
2022 Parent

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We’re passing on our expert knowledge to you with this free and comprehensive guide to the local 11+ exams. 

Covers: Bexley, Kent, St. Olave’s and Newstead exams

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