11+ Summer School

Our sell-out 11+ summer schools are tailored to your child’s individual needs and goals.

With an 11+ syllabus based on years of experience and student feedback on exams, only we provide interactive and hands-on classes that keep children motivated throughout the summer.

our results

In 2023, we continued our 11-year run of 11+ success

Despite an incredibly difficult year, we achieved a 100% 11+ pass rate with our 2020 students, helping them to achieving success in the super-selective Kent tests and sail through the Newstead and Bexley exams.  

In 2021, we sent dozens of students off to top schools like City of London, St. Olave’s, Newstead Wood, Dartford Grammar, TOGS, Chis & Sid, and Judd

In 2022, an incredible 9 of our students reached the Top 180 in the Bexley exam, placing them in the top 3% of applicants. Students also achieved stellar scores in 11+ exams like Sutton, Newstead Wood, St. Olave’s and Kent.

For the last 5 years, Summer School places have sold out months before the summer. Parents were thrilled with our guidance, intensive classes and the fact that their children couldn’t wait to come back to us. 

You can see what they said about us here

Our summer courses combine all of the materials and activities we have used over the years to take our students to 11+ success. Without the right approach and support, many children can tire during the summer and become unmotivated. We use a variety of methods to ensure that students enjoy learning and can recall the information they’ve learnt long after the course has finished.


Find out what parents and children had to say about us:

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Note: while the photographs and recordings in the video are all from Kin Learning Summer Schools, the voices you hear do not belong to the children in the photographs.

course details

Suitable for:

Year 5 students sitting the 2024 St. Olave’s, Kent, Bexley and Newstead exams.
Year 4s that will be sitting the 11+ in 2025.


Each day runs from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.


Bishop Justus School, Magpie Hall Lane, Bromley, BR2 8HZ (Weeks 1 and 2)
Bromley Common Methodist Church, Bloomfield Road, Bromley, BR2 9RZ (Week 3)

Course Structure

Children will receive a personalised schedule of different classes for each day of the course. Their schedule will be decided based on the schools they are applying for and their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Each day will run from 9.30am to 1pm with a 30-minute mid-morning break.

Students will be able to take home course materials and will be provided with additional work that they can complete at home.


A Typical Day At Our 11+ Holiday Courses:

9:30 AM

Our days start off with a short quiz with a couple of questions on each of the 11+ subjects – English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Once we’ve reviewed children’s answers, we move on to one of our main tasks of the day. 

9:50 AM

Activity 1 – Maths or Reasoning

The children will be split into groups to work on a specific maths or reasoning topic. The children will be split into groups based on the pre-assessment that they’ve completed. Groups will change throughout the day to ensure that children are working on their own areas of personal weakness.

After working with one of our tutors to review our central maths or reasoning topic, children will be provided with a range of specially-written problems. Often, these problems will be based on questions that have recently been featured in the local 11+ exams. We keep a stock of problem-solving pages at different levels, meaning children can work at their own pace. 

Our experienced team monitors children’s working closely during this session so that we can intervene to improve their method and their exam technique as necessary. 

10:50 AM

Activity 2

This short, hands-on activity will feature a completely different subject from Activity 1. This is often an interactive vocabulary activity with words that relate to the comprehension task of the day, or it may be a revision activity that relates to work from the previous day. By completing an interactive task at this point, we’re able to hold our students’ concentration even as the morning goes on.


11:15 AM


Children will have the opportunity to have a snack and play one of the many educational games that we provide. These games are selected for their ability to build verbal, spatial and memory skills.

11:40 AM


Our short brain-teaser activities give children the chance to start thinking outside the box – a great skill to have when they encounter any unexpected 11+ questions! For many children, this is their favourite part of the day. 

11:50 AM

Activity 3 – English

Our English work builds comprehension as well as vocabulary and general knowledge, making it suitable for the Newstead students that join our courses. All of our English passages are written specially for our courses, meaning your child won’t have studied these passages previously. We tend to focus on passages from classic literature as children find these works more challenging.

12:50 PM

Activity 4

The work at our holiday courses continues right up until the last minute. If we’ve managed to finish Activity 3 on time, we’ll fit in some timed reasoning practice before the day comes to a close.

Topics Covered Include:

Summer school places are limited so that we can give each child the attention they deserve. Save your child’s space today.

Find out how our approach can be tailored to help your child as a person as well as at school.

Discover other ways to support 11+ success.

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The ultimate guide to the kent 11+ exams

We’re passing on our expert knowledge to you with this free and comprehensive guide to the local 11+ exams. 

Covers: Bexley, Kent, St. Olave’s and Newstead exams

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