Creative Writing Masterclasses

Two-hour masterclasses to turn even the most reluctant writers into ambitious authors.

key stage 2 creative writing masterclasses

For Years 4 to 6

Each creative writing masterclass will delve into a different skill or genre that will provide your child with the inspiration, confidence and skillset to excel in creative writing exams. 

Students will learn how to craft and structure a story, understand different genres and to use sophisticated writing techniques, such as pathetic fallacy and foreshadowing, in their own writing.

Despite their advanced content, these classes are designed for children of all levels of ability and enthusiasm. Classes use stimuli from Disney animation through to 19th century writers to make story writing accessible for all students. Children will be given the opportunity to share their work with others so they leave feeling capable and confident.

Classes are designed by Kamilah Hale, whose creative writing classes have helped students to score scholarships at prestigious private schools and even become finalists in national writing competitions.

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Next Class: tuesday, 28 MAY 2024


Suitable for: Year 4 and 5 children, particularly those with upcoming 10+ and 11+ exams.

This class will teach the children how to set the scene for their story. They’ll be taking inspiration from famous texts and
learn how to write an opening paragraph that makes an impact.



With little food to spare, my return is doubtful. I am always in danger of wild animals and am therefore always on the move.

I am starving and exhausted of the bitter cold. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is carry on. My toes are frostbitten but we keep on taking one step infront of the other. I hope you are all well and it gives me comfort to know you are all safe. I miss you all terribly and can’t wait to see you when I come back.

Year 6 Student


My hands fumbled at the remaining scraps of my precious food. The bitter cold was biting at me like an insect. I gently lowered the last bits of food into my frozen-solid tub and gazed outside at the blizzard. It was a roaring tornado of snow and ice.

The walls of the tent were just about to give in and everything around me was as cold as liquid nitrogen. I snuggled into my sleeping bag, hoping to not wake up again.

Year 6 Student
Start Writing Like This

Sample Work From Our Students

The following excerpt is from a student early in Year 6. He went on to score highly in the exams for St. Olave’s, the CSSE exam in Essex and Queen Elizabeth’s Barnet.


The room had a sickening stench of rotten and reeking apples, which climbed up everyone’s nostrils and abseiled into the depths of their lungs, and [they] coughed at the unpleasant odour of it. 

A nurse came in and called Neil for a checkup. She had wisps of grey hair flowing out of her scruffy bun. She was fat, and her forehead was covered with beads of impatience. And with that, Neil was whisked away.




Below is a short excerpt from a Year 5 student’s work. He attended classes with throughout years 4 and 5. The following work is a first draft completed without help. Original punctuation errors have been left in.


‘Suddenly, the door creaked open and a tall, slim man tip-toed to the patient. The doctor had hair the colour of dates and fair skin. Covering his hands were a pair [of] paper thin plastic gloves. In a soft voice he asked, “So exactly how did you get this enormous cut?” The patient replied like it was forty years ago. “Ahh, good times that was.” His voice dripping with sarcasm. “It all star’ed when I was goin’ to the [woods] with me shinin’ axe.” He stopped so the doctor could write it down…’




The following excerpt was completed in an exam setting by one of our Year 5 students a few months before taking the St. Olave’s exam. He went on to pass the Olave’s exam and also received a scholarship offer from Dulwich College.


‘As I sat there on that dump of a train, I clutched my suitcase while sobbing sorrowfully. I secretly knew I was never going to set eyes on my parents [again]. The train laboriously chugged along the track and as it did, I stared out of the window looking at a beautiful scene. It was an immense sea of grass with lovely black horses surmounted on top of it. Next to the beautiful black beasts, I witnessed black and white cows munch away at the massive green sea. Next to me were little children frolicking around like the cloud white lambs did around their lazy mother.

Suddenly the train stopped, followed by the booming voice of the conductor telling us to evacuate the train. I pursued the people in front of me like a predator stalks its prey in hope of getting to my aunt’s house.’

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