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our 11+ results

Results include pupils that attended regular classes with us for a minimum period of 3 months before the exam. A “pass” is counted if the child passed at least one 11+ exam.

Whilst we give parents our honest opinion on a child’s chances of 11+ success, we are one of the only 11+ centres that never rejects pupils on the basis of aptitude. Results therefore include pupils with a range of abilities.

2018 Pass Rate
1 %
2019 Pass Rate
1 %
2020 Pass Rate
1 %
2022 Pass Rate
1 %

Recent results Breakdown


2022 has been our best year yet. Our students passed exams for schools such as :-

St. Olave’s, Newstead Wood, Wilson’s, City of London, Dartford Grammar (Girls), Dartford Grammar (Boys), Lady Eleanor Holles, Queen Elizabeth’s Barnett (QEB), Sevenoaks School, Upton Court, Beths, Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar, Townley and Sutton Grammar.


  • Out of approximately 40 of our students who took the Bexley exam, 9 were placed in the top 180, and were therefore guaranteed a place at their preferred school regardless of catchment area. These results placed them in the top 3% of candidates.


  • 6 students achieved over 400 out of 423 in the Kent 11+, which practically guarantees an out-of-catchment place for the top schools in Kent, such as Judd, TOGS, Dartford Grammar and more.


  • Our top Kent scorers achieved scores of 418/423 and 414/423.


  • 3 students were confirmed as passing the St. Olave’s exam (due to a quirk in the way that Olave’s provides their results, it is impossible to confirm the total number of students that passed)


  • 7 of our girls cleared the Newstead Wood exam.


  • Our students also passed the exams at private schools like City of London, Sevenoaks School, Bromley High, Croydon High, Trinity, Whitgift, Brighton College and Eltham College.


  • 8 of our students received academic scholarship offers from schools including Eltham College, Croydon High, Trinity, Sevenoaks School and Brighton College. 


Our 2020 cohort of almost 30 children achieved a 100% pass rate. Of course, these results were achieved under very difficult circumstances as children quarantined, were absent from school and had to adapt to online classes with us for the last 7 months of their preparation. 


Students took the exams for Bexley, Kent, Newstead Wood and St. Olave’s. Past students have also secured places at schools such as Queen Elizabeth’s Barnet, Sutton grammars, Pate’s and more.

Highlights included:

  • 6 students were deemed selective for Newstead Wood.
  • 5 students scored over 400 out of 423 in the Kent exam, which will enable them to secure places at super-selectives such as Dartford Grammar, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Judd and more.

class structure

All of our classes contain a maximum of just 4 students. Students work with a tutor and a teaching assistant and are allocated to a class based on their target school(s) and level of ability. Through this approach we’re able to ensure that everyone is challenged and no one gets left behind.

You can find further details about our assessment and classes on our How We Work page.

Student Reviews

What do our pupils say?

Thank you for teaching me and for helping me to pass my exams. Studying was fun and I looked forward to every lesson with you!
2018 11+ Student
I have passed St. Olave's Grammar School, I got a scholarship for Eltham College and Trinity School. At Kin Learning, you will surely have an amazing time and pass your first choice school!
2015 11+ student
what's included

Stellar Results

In 2018 we had an incredible 22 students that passed at least one 11+ exam out of a total of 25. Not only did our students pass but almost half the students sitting the Kent exam scored over 380, a mark that should be high enough to get into even the most selective of Kent schools.

all subjects covered

Our syllabus covers every one of the 11+ subjects including maths, English (including creative writing where necessary), verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

personal attention for a fair price

Our firm commitment to you is to make sure your child learns as much as possible regardless of the number of children in their group. This means that if there's ever a time when your child is going to need additional attention, we increase our staff ratios accordingly without increasing the cost to you. This is especially true as we get closer to the 11+ when it is common for tutors to have just 1 or 2 students in a class.

Programme Created by Local Grammar School Alumni

Not only do we have several years of experience in tutoring children for the 11+, but ours is the only major 11+ programme in Bromley that was created by and is taught by local grammar school alumni (Newstead Wood).

360 degree support

Your child's chances of 11+ success will be significantly increased with the right support at home; that's why we're available to guide you in undertaking the right activities, approaching homework in the right way and creating a study plan outside of class. Once you're with us, you'll receive personalised support but you can also find tips on our blog and YouTube channel.

exclusive access to our books and games

We've used a science-backed approach to develop books and games that are specifically written for the local exams. We've developed a highly targeted learning system that even national book publishers can't rival.

guided by experience

Each time our students sit their 11+ exams, we seek detailed feedback from them so that we can tweak our courses and book ranges accordingly. As a result, we are constantly perfecting our courses to give your child their best chance of passing.

honest, regular feedback

We aim to communicate with you regularly (usually at the end of the session) so that we can work together to keep your child on track for the 11+. Note: we tend to communicate with one primary contact in the family so please pass on any important messages.

What a parent had to say...

My son joined Kin Learning around mid Year 4 to prepare for 11plus. He had weekly lessons with Kamilah and enjoyed her teaching from the very first time. Kamilah is very passionate, professional and well organised and has a lot of experience in local 11plus format also other different entrance exams. She covers maths, English, verbal and non-verbal, her lessons are interesting, well-structured and intensive, especially she uses her own wide ranges of material to make children find fun into the different topics. My son loves to play her Fish, Memory card game, which improve his vocabulary every time he plays. Kamilah also run summer school, creative writing workshop and mock exam. My son showed a great interesting and joined all these courses. I can clearly see he continuously making progress especially improved in English. 11+ is a long and stressful journey not only for child, but also for the parent. But I am very lucky having Kamilah to support us along this journey. This October is the most happy time for all of us in the family, the good news comes every week, because my son passed all his exams which included very highly selective grammar schools in the country, so he is actually can go any school he wants to go :)) Many thanks for Kamilah and Kin Learning team, I definitely recommend!
2018 11+ parent. son excelled in multiple exams including olave's, q.e. barnet, Bexley (top 180) and kent.

pricing - 2023/2024

Initial Assessment : Free of Charge

£119/month for 1 hour a week.
£178/month for 1.5 hours a week.
£219/month for 2 hours a week.

Monthly costs include all Kin Learning books. A weekly payment option is available during a 3-week trial period.
Mock tests and holiday courses charged separately.

frequently asked questions

We offer weekly classes in Bromley (near Bromley Common). For full addresses and days, please see our contact page. Class availability is subject to change, please contact us for details.

The majority of our students spend just 1 hour a week with us, particularly when preparing for the Bexley, Kent or Newstead tests. For other schools, like St. Olave’s, we sometimes recommend classes of 1.5 hours a week in order to give us more time to focus on subjects like creative writing.

The length of your child’s classes is heavily influenced by when they started their tuition. We’ve found that many of the students start with us in Year 4 are able to do 1 hour a week of classes and achieve incredibly high scores, including being in the Bexley Top 180 or gaining places at super-competitive schools such as Newstead and Olave’s.

This is often an arbitrary recommendation that, of course, has major benefits for the tutor as they make more money from parents this way. By contrast, our lesson length recommendations are always based on the individual child, which is the reason they can vary.

We are also able to cut down our lesson time by making sure that each session is jam-packed with content and not a minute is wasted. By filling the lesson in this way, we’re able to trim down the total time spent in lessons to save you money.

In our experience, cutting down lesson time is also crucial in keeping our students motivated. Two hours of weekly classes, plus homework, for two years is exhausting and can cause burnout before your child reaches the exam. Shorter classes of 1 hour or 1.5 hours mean that our students frequently marvel at how quickly the lesson has gone. This motivation and enthusiasm is key for helping students through their 11+ journey and setting them up for a positive educational experience at secondary school.

Our students will never sit an entire practice paper independently in our classes. Why? Because, in our opinion, there are much better ways for us to use our time with your child than simply watching them write for an hour or two.


When students complete practice papers under timed conditions at home, our tutors are freed up to spend our lesson time on deepening your child’s understanding of a subject and helping them to improve.


There are times when students do benefit from sitting practice papers in an exam environment, which is why we created our mock tests. These mock tests are set up like a real 11+ and also include valuable feedback reports that help to guide future 11+ preparation.

Absolutely! We cover all 11+ subjects: maths, English (comprehension, grammar and creative writing), verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Not only do we have a library of reasoning resources but several members of our team also went to Newstead Wood School, where the entrance test consists solely of verbal and non-verbal reasoning. They’re therefore perfectly equipped to help your child with both verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

We always recommend choosing and sticking with one tutor rather than attending several at a time. This policy includes attending general improvement classes (like a Kumon programme).


There are a few reasons that we recommend choosing one tutor. Firstly, one tutor must generally be better than the other (hopefully, we’re the better ones!). If one tutor is better then it’s more efficient to maximise your time with them rather than going elsewhere.


Secondly, different tutors have different ways of working. Some of our methods are slightly different to school techniques and this alone can be confusing for a child. Children will be even more confused when you add a third teacher’s methods into the mix.

Lastly, adding a third tutor can create an excessive workload that often means that students fail to complete their homework properly. If your child isn’t going through an 11+ programme thoroughly – by attending classes regularly and completing all homework – you can’t expect either programme to be effective.

We have a number of English-focused 11+ sessions in our schedule, however, we still insist on occasionally checking progress in all subjects when working towards the 11+. We’ve applied this philosophy with many families, even when the parents are experienced school teachers or have a related degree.

Although parents might be able to teach certain subjects at home, they can rarely match our levels of experience and depth of knowledge when it comes to the specifics of the 11+. It’s therefore in your child’s best interests for us to use our experience to at least guide the work you do at home to make sure that your child is on track in all subjects.

Always. Homework is the best way of reinforcing the concepts learnt in lessons and reminding children of the work they’ve done.


We give weekly homework using a combination of books from our range and from other publishers (such as Bond and CGP).


We work hard to find a balance between giving children the necessary amount of homework and making sure they still have time for fun, enriching activities. If you find your child is receiving too little or too much homework, you’re welcome to come and talk to us so that we can work together to find a solution.

1-2-1 tutoring can only be as effective as group tuition if you have a fantastic tutor in both cases. We’ve had many students that have come to us after attending 1-2-1 tuition and even the children themselves report that they learnt very little in their old classes and learn far more in our groups.


There are some great 1-2-1 tutors and there are also some that see tutoring as a hobby or quick money-maker rather than a career. If a 1-2-1 tutor is unprepared, unreliable or just plain uninterested then your child’s chances of success are going to be significantly decreased. By contrast, attending a reputable tuition centre means that you have the assurance of a dedicated team looking after your child’s progress.


Crucially, group tuition also provides tutors with an ongoing comparison of your child’s progress compared to their peers. When teaching on a 1-2-1 basis it can be easy to lose perspective; this perspective is key when preparing for an 11+ exam in which a child’s performance is essentially ranked against other students. Our classes benefit from having this group dynamic but also ensuring that there are enough members of staff to give your child the attention they need.

Finally, we’ve found that there’s a noticeable difference in children’s motivation levels when working with a group. In a group setting, children are more enthusiastic about coming to class and are more likely to push themselves as they try to compete with their peers.


Want to help your child at home? Watch our videos for step-by-step instructions.

Read our blog.

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