Newstead Wood 11+ Exam Infographic

Preparing a child to sit the 11+ can be confusing at the best of times, especially when this is the first child of yours to sit the exam. Unfortunately, you only get one shot at the 11+ so it’s important to make sure that you have all of the important information at your fingertips well in advance of the exam.

For parents wishing to submit their daughters into the Newstead exam, it’s important to build early reasoning skills as early as possible. Games and puzzles can be an excellent way to do this. For young children, start working on “spot the difference” activities to help them to process visual information more quickly. Develop language skills by constantly building vocabulary and by encouraging your daughter to read and play games such as Scrabble. 

To help you to prepare thoroughly for the Newstead 11+ exam, we’ve put together an infographic with all of the essential information. 

Newstead Wood 11+ Exam Explainer Infographic

Newstead FAQs:

Which subjects are tested in the Newstead exam?

Currently, the Newstead exam features a non-verbal reasoning paper and a verbal reasoning paper.

Meetings are, however, being held at Newstead currently to discuss changing the content of their exam. When St. Olave’s added reasoning to their exam in 2015, it should be noted that they only gave approximately four months’ notice of the change. Newstead candidates may therefore benefit from being well-rounded in all subjects in order to be prepared for potential last-minute changes.

What is the pass mark for the Newstead Wood 11+?

The pass mark for Newstead changes every year. For the last ten years, girls have needed a standardised score of between 215 and 225 (out of 280) to gain a place.

When do we need to register to take the Newstead exam?

Registration usually takes place between June and July each year. For exact dates, refer to the Admission Procedure document on the Newstead website.

What is the Newstead Wood catchment area?

Children are considered to be in the catchment area if they live within a 9 mile radius of the school.

When do the Newstead results come out?

An initial indication of Newstead results comes out in mid-October each year, approximately two weeks after students take the test. This first letter tells you your child’s score and the usual pass mark. This gives you an indication of whether your child is likely to gain a place at Newstead if you apply for a place on the Common Application Form.

Places at Newstead Wood are not guaranteed until National Offer Day on the 1st of March, when all secondary school places are allocated nationally. It is on this date that you will be told whether your daughter has definitely been granted a place at Newstead.

On National Offer Day, the official pass mark is usually higher than 220; for example, it may be around 226. The pass mark then comes down gradually over the months as the school starts to take those on its waiting list. If your child scored just a little over or under 220, you may find that they are still allocated a place but that this offer does not come through until June or July.

How many children take the Newstead exam each year?

Just under 1000 girls take the Newstead exam each year. There are 160 places available.

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