Have You Checked that You’re Within the Grammar School Catchment Areas?

Just like state schools, grammar school catchment areas vary by school. It is essential to check the school catchment area before beginning your 11+ preparation to ensure that you are aiming for the right school. For some grammar schools, it is not simply enough for your child to pass the exam, but they have to be in the catchment area too. 

Use the information below to check the Bromley and Bexley school catchment areas. You can also follow our video for guidance on how to check the straight-line distance from your home to the school using Google Maps. 

St. Olave’s – no catchment area

St. Olave’s do not release an official pass mark. The school’s website states there are 124 places available each year, however, at the school’s Open Day, parents have been told that this admission number is flexible and is subject to change once papers have been marked. 

St. Olave’s do not have a catchment area. Some students travel over 60 miles to get to school each day as the school ranks so highly in secondary school league tables. 

Newstead Wood – 9 mile radius from the school

The Newstead Wood pass mark is set each year so that only students within a 9 mile radius are considered selective. The pass mark is raised and lowered so that the school can fill all of their spaces each year. The pass mark has been between 215 and 220 for the last 6 years. The maximum score is 280. 

Bexley 11+ – Differs By School

Each Bexley grammar school as its own catchment area, which changes every year depending on how many students have been deemed selective. The pass mark for the Bexley 11+ is 214 marks out of 280. To be in the top 180, children need a score of around 248 or more. 

Students that are in the top 180 of 11+ applicants are guaranteed a place at the school of their choice, regardless of their distance from the school.

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Before deciding which 11+ schools to aim for, you may wish to check your distance from the school of your choice. This can be done using Google Maps (maps.google.com). Watch the video below for instructions on finding the straight line distance.

1. Enter your address and the address of the school in the directions section. The computer will display a route between the two locations.

2. Right click on the pinpoint that marks the location of the school. 

3. Select “Measure Distance” in the drop-down menu. 

4. Click on your home location. 

5. Google Maps will display the straight-line distance between the two locations in both kilometres and miles.

While you are in Google Maps, you may also wish to check the public transport options for travelling from your home to the school. This will give you some indication of whether it will be feasible for your child to travel to and from school each day.

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