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Kin Learning in a Nutshell

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On average, 9 in 10 of our Eleven Plus students passes one or more of their 11+ exams.

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This term alone, 1 in 5 of our students has reported either achieving full marks in a school test or getting the top mark in their class.

11+ tuition bromley sidcup

Past students are currently studying at:


St. Olave’s,

Newstead Wood,

Tonbridge Grammar,

Chislehurst and Sidcup

and more.


Read more about our 11+ Programmes here.

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Our centres serve children ages 4 to 16 and are conveniently located across Bromley and Sidcup.


Click here to find your nearest centre.

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We offer regular parental feedback as standard and provide support for home-learning throughout the week.


Our Mission

Kin Learning is a tuition company that eats, sleeps and breathes education.

We love learning and we want your child to love it too.

Read our full mission.


Our Classes


Kin Learning provides the very best in tuition for students aged 4 to 16 in Bromley and Bexley. 


By working in groups of up to 4 children, we are able to provide tuition that is not only personalised and highly effective, but also enjoyable. Our interactive teaching ensures children master the fundamentals whilst also teaching them to solve problems and to challenge themselves.

Key Stage One Tuition


Our weekly lessons for students aged 4 to 7 teach children the numeracy and literacy skills that will get them off to a flying start at school. 


With a wealth of research showing that early English and maths skills boost attainment later in life, we know that it’s essential to start educating children from an early age. For this reason, we've created an interactive system that is designed to keep students' natural curiosity alive whilst bringing them up to two years ahead in the National Curriculum. 


For more information on Early Years lessons or to book your child’s assessment, please contact us here.


Eleven Plus Tuition


Our targeted 11+ tuition has secured places for our students at St. Olave’s, Newstead Wood, Tonbridge Grammar and many more. We pride ourselves on knowing the local exams inside out so that your child is ready for anything when they go into their exam.


To read more about 11+ tuition please click here.


Secondary School Tuition


Our tuition for secondary school students covers both basic skills and advanced content to position children to achieve stellar grades in exams. 


Our in-depth initial assessment establishes exactly where your child is having difficulty so that we can target these areas first. For students that aren’t quite living up to their full potential, our work will take them beyond the work that they’re doing in class and also tackle any problem areas that are hindering progress, enabling them to make remarkable progress extremely quickly. 


If you would like to read more about our work with students that are struggling, please click here. For more information on how we challenge our students, please click here.


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